The competition is structured in two main phases, ELIMINATORY and FINAL phase.

1.1 The ELIMINATORY phase starts on January 8th, 2021 and ends on April 14th, 2021 and consists on the examination of videos and CVs.
1.2 The FINAL phase will take place between May 21st, 2021 and June 3rd, 2021 and consists on the examination of videos;
(Please check Appendix A at the bottom of the page for details regarding the videos.)
1.3 The results of the competition will be announced on the 9th of June 2021.


2.1 The jury will examine the videos with a focus on the abilities of the conductor, not on the quality of the orchestra.
2.2 The evaluation will only consider the skills and the musical talent of the conductor, without considering the nature or the quality of the orchestra (or ensemble) playing, in other
words it will be judged the attitude of the conductor to obtain the best result with the available ensemble.


3.1 Free repertoire from any historical period with orchestra (allowed any possible set) but in the original version as released by the composer.


4.1 The jury will be composed by the following members:

  • Andrea Amarante, Artistic Director at Luzerner Sinfonieorchester
  • John Axelrod, Conductor
  • Oleg Caetani, Conductor
  • Zvonimir Hacko, Conductor and Artistic Director at Oregon Music Festival, USA
  • Ruben Jais, Conductor Artistic Director at LaVerdi Symphonic Orchestra, Milan
  • Gyorgy Lendvai, Managing Director of MÁV Symphony Orchestra Budapest
  • Piero Romano, Artistic Director of the Magna Grecia Orchestra
  • Michael Rosewell, Director of Opera at the Royal College of Music, London



Money prize of £ 2.000,00
a concert with MAV Symphony Orchestra in the season 2022 (HU)
a concert at Oregon Music Festival (USA) 2023 with Orpheus Academy Orchestra
a concert with the Orchestra della Magna Grecia – 2022/2023 


Money prize of £ 1.500,00
a concert with Pazardjik Symphony Orchestra in the season 2022 (BG)
a  concert with the Symphony Orchestra of Lecce and Salento OLES 2022/2023


Money prize of £ 1.000,00
a private workshop with Mo.Oleg Caetani


The best conductors, independently from the results of the competition, will be also recommended to different organizations and considered also by Only Stage Management Company and Classics Management.


To get registered the contestants must send the following documents exclusively by email to the following address:


filled in and signed application form;
curriculum Vitae;
link to the videos;
1 candidate’s choice picture;
candidate’s passport;
payment receipt of the application fee.

To get registered the contestants must download the application form from the “Application” page of this website, fill it in and send it no later than March 31st, 2021 at 11:00 pm GMT at the following email: Please remember that all the fields and the attachments required are mandatory.


8.1 The application fee consists in £ 130,00 to be paid through Paypal or credit card (through Paypal);
N.B. Paypal commissions are extra on applicant’s charge.


9.1 The competition is a media event that will be recorded and broadcasted on the web and other media, submitting their application the competitors authorize the direction of the competition to the use of their image either through photographs and audio / video that can be broadcasted via radio, television and other media (internet, etc.);
9.2 Submitting their application the candidates also authorize the organization to use their name and image in printed publications related to the competition;
9.3 The organization expects that candidates are available for interviews, photo shoots, and any other activity designed to make the competition appealing to the media;
9.4 the application and participation fee will not be refunded for any reason, except in case of cancellation of the competition; for any legal dispute, the competent forum is London. 


  • A.1 the videos aim is to illustrate to the jury the candidate’s skills and technique;
  • A.2 for the eliminatory phase the candidates have to attach links to two different videos of a performance of two contrasting character pieces (for example one Allegro and one Adagio) from any historical period. The two videos should be about a recent conductor’s performance and in any case not older than 5 years. In addition to this the candidates have to attach a short presentation video (no longer than 60 seconds, giving information about themselves, their career, their expectations and why they would like to take part in the competition);
  • A.3 two contrasting movements of the same piece are allowed;
  • A.4 for the Final phase the selected candidates have to send other two videos, one of a performance and another one with a short presentation (this latter has to be no longer than 60 seconds giving information about their participation in the competition, their expectations and their feelings); in the evaluation of these videos the jury will consider also the videos examined in the eliminatory phase.
    Videos must have the following features:
  • A.5 each video has to be longer than 3 minutes and at least 25% of the total length of the video has to be filmed with frontal view;
  • A.6 videos must be played in streaming mode (videos don’t have to be downloaded);
  • A.7 videos can be private or public as long as they can be seen by the entire jury without any restrictions;
  • A.8the candidates must send one link for each video;
  • A.9 no specific streaming platform is required, any of the most common are permitted (for example Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Youku etc.) however the video should be played by an ordinary computer running a Windows or a Mac system.